Friday, April 22, 2011

Break the Habit and Be a Hero

In today's economy, we all face the same question in nearly every business:

How can I do what I do at a lower cost to myself or my employer without sacrificing quality?

I see several instances of this all them time. As a manufacturer's rep in the Science Education market, there has clearly been an increase in business to the community colleges, particularly in the higher end products such as the Denoyer-Geppert
Anatomy models. I directly attribute this to a large increase of students entering college doing their general education studies at the local community college before moving on to a University for their 3rd year and beyond.

While on business travel, many of my colleagues are opting for less expensive lodging or smaller rental cars. I have noticed myself doing this.

But as a professional scientist in an industrial research laboratory or clinical research laboratory, how can you save your company significant money? The answer is simple in my mind.....BREAK THE HABIT.

I've been traveling around the country for about 10 years now and the most common answer I hear when asked why customers tend to purchase established name brands, specifically in pipettors and glassware is: "I've always used this brand". I imagine ten to twenty years ago, there was a substantial drop off in quality going from established brands to "economy lines". The times have changed.

For example, the line of Class A Glassware from United Scientific
is now used throughout the world in research and pharmaceutical labs. European quality demands are typically even higher than here in the USA! United has been supplying Industrial/Research supply dealers with micropipettes for about eight years now. I'd offer the quality of these pipettors up against any other pipettor in the market, yet labs still pay double and sometimes triple for brands they know.

My call to action this week is for all lab professionals to BREAK THE HABIT of always buying within your comfort zone and BE A HERO to your accounting department and top brass. Imagine the praise and honor to be bestowed on an employee who is able to cut a substantial portion of their lab expenses.

Please contact me at if you'd like more information or for a dealer near you who carries these types of money saving products!

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