Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why so many Pipette Fillers?

Pipette fillers do a simple job. They draw samples into various types/sizes pipettes and dispense the samples into another location. That being said, I get asked all the time, why does Fischer Technical Company have twelve different pipette fillers on their product list? Let's take a look at them and see why!

Standard Three Valve Natural Rubber Pipettes - These represent our best selling pipette fillers. They are made from natural rubber with three ball style valves plus a blowout valve. This is the classic model that has been used in laboratories for more years than most of us have been alive. They are available in four colors (Red, Black, Green, and Blue). Most laboratory technicians prefer the Red or Black models as these have been in the marketplace the longest. It's wise to use multiple colors if the pipettes are being used to draw different samples, particularly those that would react with each other. When used properly, no part of the sample should come in contact with the bulb itself. These bulbs are recommended for pipetting most solutions/samples. The easy to use three valve design requires two hands to operate. Item numbers are: RED-001, BLK-001, GRN-001, and BLU-001.

Multi-colored Natural Rubber Pipette filler - These pipette fillers share the same design and recommended applications as the standard three valve natural rubber pipette fillers with one obvious difference. Laboratory technicians, like many specialized professionals, often have unique and creative personalities. Why shouldn't their equipment reflect that? Many use colors that match their alma matter or favorite sports team. These bulbs are available in four different color combinations and have a "tye dye" appearance. Item number is MULTIPIP.

FLIP Style Natural Rubber Pipette Fillers - These pipette fillers are recommended for the same applications as the other natural rubber bulbs but have one significant design change. Instead of a manual valve at the top, which is used to remove the air from the bulb before drawing liquid, the patented "FLIP" model has an automatic valve at the top allowing for users to operate a pipette with one hand. This valve also can be removed to clean out the bulb if contaminants happen to find their way into the bulb. This version is new to the market in the past 20 years or so, ergo not as widely used, but the technology is more advanced than on the standard bulb. Note: Fischer Technical Company is the only wholesale distributor authorized to sell these in the US and we offer them through a variety of distributors. Contact me if you need to find an authorized dealer at These are available in Red, Black, Blue, Green, and Yellow. Item numbers are FLIP-001, FLIP-002, FLIP-003, FLIP-004, and FLIP-005.

Silicone Three Valve Pipette Fillers - We also offer Red and Black pipette fillers, designed similar to our standard three valve pipette fillers, made with silicone rubber as opposed to natural rubber. These bulbs are ideal for pipetting solutions which react with natural rubber, either via direct contact with the liquid or from the fumes. We do not recommend using these, or any of our bulbs, in applications where the solution will come in direct contact with the pipette filler. These are also available from our wide network of authorized dealers. The item numbers are SILBLK-001 and SILRED-001.

All of our pipette bulbs can draw up to 50ml of liquid and can be used with pipettes up to 100ml. Note, for pipettes larger than 50ml, users are required to draw the liquid twice due to the 50ml capacity.

I hope this information is helpful in helping you choose the proper pipette filler for your application. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions at

Happy Pipetting!

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