Friday, September 9, 2011

New Products from United Scientific

I'm pleased to announce some new products now available from United Scientific:

Solar Car

This economical demonstration solar car can be powered by a solar cell or a rechargeable battery (AA size, not included. Alkaline batteries are not suitable). Battery can be recharged from the solar cell, demonstrating an electricity storage system for solar power. The solar cell can be tilted to maximize solar input, features an on/off and select function switch, and includes two binding posts to measure output. All working parts are visible through the clear molded housing. Includes an activity guide


The design of the SpillNot™ uses the principles of Newtonian physics to keep the liquid in the container. The flexible handle and the location of the suspension point above the center of the tray ensure that the forces on the liquid are always directed towards the supporting tray, even when the tray is in motion. The sideways forces that are usually responsible for spills are not transmitted to the tray by the flexible handle and the radial forces generated during swinging motion only pin the liquid into the container more firmly. An inexpensive demonstration to intrigue students and challenge their analytical powers! Includes a detailed activity guide.

Stirling Engine

This economical Stirling Engine runs by exploiting the heat flow generated by the small temperature difference between room temperature and a cup of hot water or ice. It is a classic illustration of converting heat energy into mechanical work using a thermodynamic cycle. The engine runs at about 150rpm when used with cup of hot water. Additional information available upon request. Includes a detailed activity guide.

Battery Holder Set

This battery holder fits four D cell batteries and is useful for virtually any experiment requiring a low voltage power supply and ships fully assembled. Five color-coded binding posts on the base make for easy, safe, and reliable connections to hook-up cords providing outlets for 1.5V, 3V, 4.5V, or 6V supply voltages. Battery holder is firmly mounted on a heavy duty base.

Primary and Secondary Coils

Superior version of the classic device for investigating electromagnetic induction. Primary and secondary coils are wound on robust molded formers fitted with shielded banana jacks. The plated iron core has a molded handle for accurate positioning in the coils. The primary coil has 175 turns of 18 AWG insulated copper wire (diameter 34mm, length 100mm, resistance 0.43 Ω, self-inductance ≈3.1mH). Secondary Coil has three available windings with 500, 1000, and 1500 turns of 26 AWG insulated copper wire. (Usually only one available windings on competing products) (diameter 52mm, length 102mm, resistances 11.5 Ω, 23.3 Ω, 35.7 Ω, self-inductances ≈ 490mH, 1.97H, 4.43H). Plated iron core is 19mm in diameter and 165mm long (including handle).

Whiteboard Optics Set

A comprehensive and economical set of equipment for ray optics and color experiments using magnetic-backed components that can be used on the included whiteboard or any installed steel whiteboard. The whiteboard has a usable surface of 23” x 15.5” (58.5 cm x 39.5 cm) and has swiveling feet on two sides so that it can be set up in wide or tall format. The double-ended light box contains a 12V/20W halogen lamp, powered by a wall-mount AC adapter and cooled by a built-in fan. One end carries a cylindrical lens and slots for mounting the three slit diaphragms for ray optics. The other end carries two adjustable mirrors and an open area for color mixing work using colored filters that fit into slots in the ray box. Kit Includes: (1) 23” x 15.5” Whiteboard, (1) double ended light box, (1) Convex Acrylic Lens, (1) Concave Acrylic Lens, (1), Semicircular Acrylic Lens, (1) Rectangular Acrylic Block, (1) Acrylic Right Angle Prism, (1), Acrylic Equilateral Prism, (1) 30°/60°/90° Prism, a Hollow Acrylic Rectangular Cell for Water Refraction, (1) Plane Mirror, (1) Adjustable Concave/Convex Mirror, (1) Matched Set of Seven Color Filters, (1) Set of Seven Corresponding Colored Paddles, (1) 10” x 10” White Card Screen, (1) Card Protractor Circle, (4) Magnets to hold Protractor, and (1) Experiment Manual. All are stored in a sturdy box with molded inserts.

Electric Bell Model

This well constructed and attractive electric bell model is mounted on a clear acrylic plate and a finished wooden stand to allow the functional parts to be clearly seen. Model operates on 6V d.c. with an on/off switch, adjustable contact screw, and binding posts for easy connection. Includes a detailed activity guide.

Fan Cart

A basic, inexpensive Fan Cart powered by two AA size batteries (not included) demonstrates Newton’s principal of action and reaction. The batteries are contained in the removable power unit and the fan is controlled by a switch. The propeller delivers a thrust of about 88mN, accelerating the cart at 0.4 m/s². A transparent plate can be attached to show the effect of reversing the airflow.

United plans to introduce many more products for 2012! Please contact me for dealer pricing and digital images!

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