Friday, October 28, 2011

Talking Genetics at CAST!

As previously mentioned, United Scientific will be exhibiting at the CAST show in Texas from November 17 - November 19 at the Dallas Convention Center. We will be in booth 1030 and 1032.

We're pleased to announce that Mr. Patrick Traster will be in our booth demonstrating our genetics manipulative kits. We invite you to come by the booth and try these great teaching tools out for yourself! Pat taught Genetics for many years and is well known and respected in his field. You can view two of the products demonstrated on United Scientific's YouTube page,

We'll be exhibiting the following kits:


Developed by teachers, this kit aids students in understanding the principles of recombinant DNA technology. It consists of teacher demonstration models and student manipulative sets, sufficient for a classroom of thirty students. Using the manipulatives, students learn the process of recombinant DNA technology. Plasmid DNA is cut with restriction enzymes and recombinant plasmids are formed. Laminated teacher and student gel electrophoresis boards are also included. Our kit allows students to learn DNA technology without the need for expensive laboratory equipment. Kit contains no consumable parts. It can therefore be used over and over again, and/or can be shared by the entire science department. Includes 78 peices of specially designed plastic manipulatives. Also included are a manual and instructional videotape in which an experienced teacher demonstrates use of the manipulatives included in the kit. Shipping weight 8 lbs., dimensions 22" x 17" x 4".


The kit was developed by the same teacher who brought you recombinant DNA technology manipulatives. Now available are manipulates for teaching protein synthesis. Whether you have taught this content a thousand times or this is your first, you will find that all students can learn this material! What makes this kit different than any other kit is hands-on experience. This kit includes Teacher Manipulatives, Student Manipulatives, and Assessments. Shipping weight 7 lbs., dimensions 29" x 14" x 4".


Using the same format as our popular Protein Synthesis and DNA kits, this hands-on set includes a demonstration teacher model and enough materials for students to construct their own models. None of the parts are consumable, so the kit can be used again and again. Includes a detailed instructional video to show teachers how to use all of the kit components.


Teaching meiosis presents challenges for both teaching and learning because it is an abstract concept that requires visual and tactile models for most students to conceptualize. The exchange process of maternal and paternal alleles during cross-over is especially difficult without such a reference. A lot of time was spent designing, testing and refining this kit in classrooms to meet your needs. This kit will make teaching and learning meiosis much more enjoyable for you, just as it has for others. The kit inlcudes: Teacher Demonstration Models: Thirty large chromosomes arranged in five colorful sets that can seen on your board from the back of your classroom. Each set consists of a maternal and paternal homolog and four sister chromatids. Alleles and parental lineage are clearly identified. The fifth set has removable alleles for demonstrating cross-over. Student Models: Students carry out teacher directed assignments at their desk using their own smaller sets of chromosomes. There are no consumables so the kit can be used over and over again. Instructional CD and Teacher Manual: We will walk you through using the kit for the first time in an easy, familiar and pictorial slide show fashion. Don't worry if this is your first time teaching meiosis because absolutely everything you need is in the kit. Recommended student activity and assessment options are also included. We even provide a student activity sheet that you can copy. This is a complete package that makes the complex biological process of meiosis come alive in your classroom. It makes teaching fun! Shipping weight 7 lbs., dimensions 21" x 19" x 5".

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