Friday, July 27, 2012

Quincy Lab Gravity Convection Ovens are a big hit!

Many dealers are having great success offering these Quincy Lab Ovens on their websites. Quincy will drop ship all orders and there is an attractive margin available to our dealers! Are you offering the "Made in the USA" Quincy product line?

These laboratory ovens are designed to meet the laboratory needs of industry, research organizations and schools. Well-crafted and versatile, they are used for drying, baking, sterilizing, evaporating, heat treating, annealing and testing. The GC (Gravity Convection) and AF (Forced Air) series ovens are competitively priced and offer exceptional value and reliability. All Ovens have a Max Temperature of 225°C/437°F. Contact us for dealer pricing, images, additional specifications, literature, etc.

· Quincy Lab uses quality UL and CSA recognized components in all ovens.

Also Available from Quincy Lab: Digital and Analog Incubators, Large Bench Ovens, and Microscope Slide Cabinets. Contact me at for additional details!

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