Thursday, April 18, 2013

Top Ten Observations from NSTA 2013

Just returned from NSTA in San Antonio and thought I'd have a little fun with my blog here it is!

Well...its no the top ten things things that Mick Jagger has learned...but it's my top ten observations from NSTA 2013!

10.  The 50 minute drive between San Antonio and Austin is apparently too far for the airline to deliver lost bags visited 5 airports on the trip down!

9.  The CSI shows may be losing some ratings, but Forensics Kits are still all the rage!  Plenty of kit manufacturer's at the show!

8.  The weather in San Antonio in April is far better than the weather in Philly in March (see: Pittcon)

7.  Having hotels with decent prices within walking distance of a trade show really makes a show less mentally/physically taxing!

6.  With a little creative marketing....any product can be referred to as STEM!

5.  Publishing companies are spending less money on trade shows as has been the trend.  There were a lot less booths from them and those who had booths, had smaller ones!

4.  Having your booth in the furthest aisle from the door will kill any chance of you having significant traffic passing by!

3.  Bringing exotic animals to your booth will ensure that camera phones will be going off like the paparazzi!  

2.  NSTA is still a great place for vendors to see product managers and catch up with old friends!

1.  San Antonio is one of the best places to host a show like this.  The town is beautiful, the people are friendly, the food is great, the weather is fantastic, and the venue was perfect for a show this size!

I hope everyone had a safe trip back...due to airline delays, I arrive home at 3AM Saturday morning...i knew the last few trips just went a little too smoothly!

Safe Travels everyone!


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