Thursday, December 1, 2011

Custom Kit Projects From United Scientific

Fischer Technical Company has been the manufacturer's representatives for United Scientific for over 20 years now. We've watched their business continue to grow every year and have seen the product line expand exponentially virtually every year.

One of the areas that United has been extremely successful is custom kitting projects. United can build kits to your specifications or work with you in designing a kit for a specific application/classroom. Most popular is kits of lab supplies and glassware. Would you like to have a full kit of laboratory supplies for each lab station in your classroom or research facility? United can help you!

Many of our kits are packaged in reusable storage boxes with handles to help eliminate breakage and keep all of the kits complete. Of course, we could supply replacement parts as well as students have been known over the years to drop a beaker or two!

We can put together customer prepared slide kits, custom physics kits, and basically any type of high school science kit (sans chemicals) you can imagine. United also has on staff a phd level physicist who can even write detailed activity guides for your kit. Need an expert in Genetics? We got one of them too!

United currently offers several kits in their catalog including: Electricity and Magnetism, Optics, Advanced Physics, Prepared Microscope slide sets, Friction, and many more.

Contact me for details if you'd like to offer these kits on your website or in your catalog or if you have a kit you'd like us to design!

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