Wednesday, August 7, 2013

You Want STEM? We Got STEM!

United Scientific is proud to announce the first in its series of STEM Chemistry Kits!

Our pH, Indicators & Dyes kit includes 4 primary activities, each accommodating up to 40 students. This STEM kit contains structured investigations to make inquiry based learning affordable and fun!  Students will get to make their own pH paper and test it along side regular pH Paper.  Designed by a gentleman who is an icon in the Science Education Kit Business!

For pennies per experiment, your students have access to digital PDF content such as:
  • Individual activities
  • Background information including content tables and concept animations
  • Power point concept presentation
  • Comprehensive Glossary

Student activity PDFs have a special Typewriter functionality allowing them to take notes, record experimental data, and answer analysis questions. They simply e-mail their worksheets back to you!


Up Next will Be Invisible Ink and Chromatography!

Please contact me for dealer pricing, images, etc.  Kits are in stock now and ready to ship from United Scientific!

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